Data Access

We are happy to see you are interested in our eupinions tracking data. In what follows, we outline the steps that you need to take in order to get access to our data.

  • eupinions data are personal data which are, as a result, subject to special protections in Europe. The special conditions for using the data are part of the data application form that you need to sign (see attached). By signing this data application form, you agree to comply with these conditions.
  • As soon as you have filled and signed the data application form, please send it to us via email (
  • After we have checked your application, we will sign and return the form to you.
  • Only when both parties have signed the application form, can the process of sharing our eupinions tracking data begin.
  • You will receive the tracking data in form of a WeTransfer link. The data is delivered in csv format and can be processed with any statistical software.

Some tips to receiving our data

  • Researchers that are part of a research team, should ask the principal investigator to submit the data application form.
  • Students (including PhD students) should ask their supervising professor within the same institution to submit the data application form.
  • Individuals without any institutional affiliation are not permitted to use our data.

Here you will find our data application form.