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Who does support Geert Wilders

... After the electoral upsets in the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom and the presidential election in the United States, all eyes are set on the European election season that will unfold this year. Next stop is The Hague, where the performance of the right-wing populist Geert Wilders is raising eyebrows and the autonomy of hiselectorate is raising questions. The kick-off is the Dutch ... weiterlesen


Border Protection and Freedom of Movement

... Executive Summary The majority of Europeans would like to see European asylum and migration policies that have been given the go-ahead by both the EU and the member states. They are especially interested in preserving the right to travel and in protecting the EU’s external borders, and they think that member states should work together to help the new arrivals. Furthermore, the majority of ... weiterlesen


Fear not Values.

... Executive Summary The political landscape across Europe is changing rapidly: support for populist parties is on the rise while mainstream parties are losing ground. This report examines whether it is fears or values that drive these changes.Two perspectives dominate popular and scholarly interpretations of what is the matter in Europe today. One stresses a conflict between progressive and ... weiterlesen


A Source of Stability?

... Executive Summary 2017 will most likely become a year of important political vintage in Europe. While it already featured elections in the Netherlands, Great Britain and France, all eyes are now on the outcome of the German elections. While many political systems in Europe are under assault of populist challengers, German politics seemingly has been a source of ­stability. This eupinions ... weiterlesen


Is Right the New Left?

... Executive Summary France is the homeland of the political labels left and right. Ever since the French revolution, it is the guiding principle through which political systems around the world are organised. However, with the mobilization of cross-cutting issues like immigration and European integration and the success of populist parties on the left and right of the political spectrum in ... weiterlesen


Supportive but wary

... Executive Summary The results presented in this report suggest that people are somewhat conflicted when it comes to the EU. While a majority of citizens support their country’s membership of the Union and further political and economic integration, they are not satisfied with policy direction in the EU. Yet, the same respondents say that they espouse mostly positive views about the EU when ... weiterlesen


A European Finance Minister with Budget Autonomy?

... Executive Summary A clear majority of Europeans sees a need for political and economic reform in both the euro area and their own country. In terms of the euro area, they are in favour of a clear designation of responsibilities and funds. A majority of Europeans also feel that a finance minister for the entire Eurozone as well as a Eurozone budget would be useful. When it comes to the ... weiterlesen


Keep calm and carry on

... Executive Summary A majority of Europeans would like the UK to remain a member of the European Union (EU), but at the same time they do not think that a Brexit would be the end of Europe. Whereas age or gender do not have a pronounced effect on how one views these matter, one factor clearly does: the more people support their own country’s membership in the EU, the more they want the UK to ... weiterlesen



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