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Russian Opinion on the West Lightens Up

... The Moscow-based Levada Center, Russia’s only non-partisan, independent pollster, recently released a study that attests to significant changes in the attitudes of Russians toward the West. A January 2020 survey showed that in response to the question “How should Russia treat the West?“, 67% of the respondents said that they see the West “as a partner,” a marked jump since March 2016 (55%) ... weiterlesen


Trump Particularly Unpopular in Europe

... Perhaps some Europeans, like some U.S. Americans, are so relieved that America’s 45th president hasn’t started a nuclear war or sent the global economy spiralling downward that they now give Donald Trump the benefit of doubt. A recent Pew Centre Survey of global attitudes toward the U.S. president shows that while opinions across five continents remain quite unfavourable to Trump,they have ... weiterlesen


Europeans Anxious About Cybercrime

... As part of its consumer protection efforts, the EU takes cybercrime seriously, and has for years been at the forefront of protecting European citizens, for instance by instituting stronger rules against online payment fraud and better assistance to victims. A new Eurobarometer poll shows that it has been at least partially successful – but that much remains to be done. More people say they ... weiterlesen


In Europe and Beyond, Ever More People are Sacrificing for the Climate

... It’s not just the case that people are increasingly recognizing the climate crisis as something real and threatening, as previous polls have shown. But many people in Europe, China, and even the US – although in the latter less so – are now doing something about it by curtailing carbon-intensive behaviour in their private lives. European and Chinese citizens deem climate change the biggest ... weiterlesen

Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye

... As the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union all eyes are on the imminent economic effects and future trade negotiations. How the British people feel about the state of their country at this defining moment of their political history has received less attention. In this eupinions brief, we examine how British citizens evaluate the state of their national democracy and the direction ... weiterlesen


The Eurobarometer Controversy

... Since 1973, Eurobarometer, the EU’s official polling agency, has carried out surveys on behalf of the European Commission. The agency, with one of the largest databases in the world, is known and respected internationally – and regularly cited by politicians and experts.But lately it has come under fierce critique for its polling methods, which critics say paint a much too rosy picture of ... weiterlesen


Recent Immigrants Integrating Ever Faster in Germany

... Germany took in around half of the EU’s 3.1 million refugees and asylum seekers between 2015 and 2017, which sparked a political crisis in Germany leading to the success of a far-right party and new measures to limit such immigration to Germany -- and to all of Europe. Critics assailed the migrants’ profile as undesirable: overwhelming men, young, Muslim, undereducated, and hailing from ... weiterlesen


High Marks for EU International Trade Policies

... The EU’s internal trade zone is often seen as the jewel in the bloc’s crown. But the EU speaks for its member states ever more forcefully in the field of international trade, a strength that many Europeans appear to recognize, according to a new Eurobarometer survey. In fact, six out of ten of those surveyed said that they benefit personally from the EU’s positions on international trade: ... weiterlesen


Antisemitism is Alive, Pervasive, and Underreported in Europe

... A new study, which finds high levels of antisemitism in Europe, has refuelled discussions about antisemitism, as well as anti-Muslim hatred and other forms of racism and intolerance in Europe. The report by the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) – as well as another conducted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – present evidence of growing antisemitism and the harassment of and ... weiterlesen


Europeans Are Happier Than Ever

... Europe may look like it’s in a permanent condition of upheaval these days, with protests and protest parties dominating much of the headlines. But in fact, when asked the simple question, “Overall, how satisfied are you with your life these days?,” nearly three-quarters say they’re content. In fact, compared to five years ago, in 2018 most Europeans across the continent said they are ... weiterlesen