The recently released Perceptions of Antisemitism survey, a special Eurobarometer poll, comes up with stark findings on the way Europeans see antisemitism today in Europe. Every second EU citizen polled believes that antisemitism is a problem in their country. In Sweden, France and Germany – the highest figures among the EU28 – more than two-thirds of people recognize antisemitism as problematic. Over a third of all European say that antisemitism has increased of late. And more than half say that Holocaust denial is a serious, contemporary issue.

The likes of physical attacks, hostility and threats, and graffiti and vandalism, desecration of Jewish cemeteries, antisemitism on the Internet, are seen by 50% or more of those asked as a problem in their country. The numbers were higher for those who were Jewish or were friends of Jewish people, and also by people who themselves belonged to a minority.

As for the awareness of legislation that criminalizes incitement of violence or hate speech against Jews, 61% of these asked say they knew about it, while 39% said they weren’t aware of such laws.

And 4 in 10 Europeans believe that the Holocaust is adequately addressed in schools.

(Text author: Paul Hockenos)